Welcome spring

Flower in Liverpool. Photo by Ida Husøy

It’s just around the corner now. The spring is almost at our door step. I can’t wait!

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McGann launches LJMU WWI project

Paul McGann launches LJMU WWI project by Ida Husøy

Paul McGann, well-known from Doctor Who, officially launched the LJMU World War I project at the Liverpool Central Library on Monday 24th of February.

Hear it all here!

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– Even at a young age I knew there was something special about Liverpool

Rob Weaver

As you walk down the cobblestone street in the city centre you might see the sun shine and hear the local musician’s.

But you definitely won’t see it the way Rob Weaver does.

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Skip technology in everyday life

Phone on dinner table. Photo: Ida Husøy

Some of us – myself included – spend too much time on technology devices in the daily life.

Here is a game helping to reduce this bad habit.

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How much time do you waste on Facebook?

Facebook 10 years

Well, you probably don’t want the answer to this question – but you are still curious?

AND check out your time on Facebook in a special video here!

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